The Hot G&Tea Cocktail Box – with ”Cinnamon Twist” Winter Blend


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Pothecary Gin creates the World’s first ”Hot G&Tea”!

With Autumn in full swing, and Winter just around the corner, why not have a warming ”Hot G&Tea” made with Pothecary Gin’s ‘Cinnamon Twist’ Winter Blend version of their fabulous Sicilian Blend? It’s a simple concept; who wants a mountain of ice in their glass and a freezing gin & tonic at this time of year? Ok, so a lot of people do, and if the central heating is on full I might be tempted myself, but the reality is that a hot and warming drink is generally preferred in Winter. The drink itself is a simple combination of Chamomile Tea, or Elderflower if preferred, with a dash of ”Cinnamon Twist” Winter Blend Pothecary Gin, a little sugar to taste, and a garnish of a fresh orange slice… it’s divine, believe me. It’s also a more interesting and dynamic drink than a mulled wine/cider/gin, and not dominated by citrus like many a ‘hot toddy’! It’s the ‘true’ organic Ceylon Cinnamon that makes this drink so attractive and enjoyable. It adds a little natural sweetness, and of course the beautifully aromatic, soft, warming spice that Cinnamon is known for the world over. For November and December Pothecary Gin are offering a Cocktail Box with this as the featured drink, all the ingredients needed are in the box, including the garnish, all you need to do is boil the kettle and sit down to a fabulously smooth, warming and delicious ”Hot G&Tea”!