The Father’s Day Cocktail Case by Pothecary Gin


The Father’s Day Cocktail Case is the perfect gift for the Dad that loves gin and loves making cocktails! All the ingredients and the equipment needed to make two fabulous Negroni cocktails, except the ice!

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A special Cocktail Case for Dads to enjoy on Father’s Day! This Cocktail Case includes all the essential ingredients to make two fabulous Negroni Cocktails; two hefty Italian Negroni glasses, a Bar Spoon, a Jigger to get the measures just right, 100ml of Campari, 100ml of Punt e Mes Vermouth, and of course a 100ml bottle of Pothecary Gin Sicilian Blend! There is also a fresh organic orange in the box to garnish your drinks with – all you need to provide is the ice!
I will also be doing a live feed on the day at 6pm demonstrating the making of the cocktails using the contents of the box, but you will need cubed ice… see you there!